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Learn from a sailor

 I need my space

(That lame old excuse)

           Get your ex back

(Some things you may need to know)


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Understanding men


Getting your ex  back with a letter

Methods to get

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How to get over  a            break up

Overcoming    Jealousy

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staying sharp

Staying sharp

staying sharp

What are your options?

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Handling the emotional Up’s and downs

staying sharp

For the girls Only!!!

ebook to get your ex back staying sharp

How to make an apology

Women start spending more time with their girlfriends.

Does all this spell  ....."Rejected Love"

These are the early signs, but generally we give them the benefit of the doubt... But sometimes we find out what they have been telling us doesn't match with what they are doing.

They say they have to spend more time studying, but then we find

out through the "grapevine"  that they have been out partying or clubbing.

"Hey...What's up?...You said you need to spend more time

studying and I find out you were at TGI Friday's?"

More "problems" start popping up at work and school. "My grades are slipping" or "We have a big project at work."

A general attitude that makes you feel like you are being avoided

Guys stop calling as often.

                 "I need my space"

(Pull your ex back with the-'Push-Pull' theory)

"There's nothing wrong with being wrong - that's just human nature. But there is an awfull lot wrong knowing your wrong, then staying wrong just to try and prove  to yourself you are right."

Dr. Susan Carol:author and relationship coach

We have a natural tendency to want to confront them ...

But it is so true in relationships. You PUSH... They PULL… Pull away...


Now...this is the wrong...wrong...wrong way to handle it!

This is not the way to pull your ex back.

Because what you are doing is PUSHING! And as you may

know,for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

They feel they have no space.

So what do you need to do instead? You need to PULL! NOT push!

Do you see how all of this relates to  pulling your ex back?

girl pointing a finger a man giel and man holding each other

Have you heard that one ? Guys use this one a lot...and girls, judging from all of the questions I get, are using it more and more as well.

Would you like to learn how to pull your ex back?

Would you like to never hear that so lame "I need my space" excuse again?

If you really want to master the principles of attraction

and pull your ex back to you ...For good!

There's quite a lot to know, but it is not rocket science.

But the first rule to, pull back your ex is simple! (Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's always easy!)

When she said "I need my space," I didn't realize it was the beginning of the end!'s about working with your ex  boyfriend or  ex girlfriend so that

they feel like they have already got the space they want … and so they actually start to feel like they want to get into your space a bit more.

See how that could be about 'pulling', not 'pushing'?

Give your ex space. Don't chew it all up! It's not candy, you know! and even if was you will always make and keep more friend's if you shared it!