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Locating the time the relationship started to fall apart can be very difficult - and useless! Why? Because you have two people here, and what is going on inside your head is something very different than what is going through your ex's head. From your point of view, maybe things started going bad from such-and-such a time - but from your ex's point of view, things started at so-and-so. Two different times, and two different events.

Important:- ( in the process of trying to win your ex  back you must never ask an ex, during or just after a break-up, a question like "When did things start to go wrong?" You will never get the correct answer.) 

The trick to winning your ex back and repairing a break-up after being dumped is to accept that the relationship is over. (For the moment, anyway.)

Most people, after being dumped, go into a "Me" thing, a "victim" thing, a "look what you did to ME" or a "how could you do this to ME" thing. Then they fight like mad to try and keep the relationship together, but meanwhile the ex is fighting equally hard to get away. Your trying to win back you ex, and your ex is trying to lose an ex. And both of you will just "suspend" right there, irritating the hell out of each other. Your ex is trying to move on and you're resisting. You're pushing in desperation to win your ex back and your ex is pulling away.

If you keep doing the same, you will only get what you are already getting now! …

… An ex instead of a lover.

So, RULE 1:  if you want to win your ex back you have to firmly accept that the relationship is over.

When you can do that successfully, you can then "move on" to step 2.

So read the following action-steps carefully.

They may 'feel' wrong, but think of it like this: the right medicine can taste bad but if it works, it works. Whether in solving a simple lover's tiff or an insanely complicated divorce, these action-steps have been shown to get results.


Before you can win back your ex you have to make the effort necessary to accept that your relationship has indeed broken up. This is probably going to be very tough but it's necessary if you wish to start an effective process to get back together.

People who don't accept this fact usually try to go back in time and try to rebuild their relationship from 'that time when it was good'. You have to realize that won't work. The good times have been and gone, and you are now stuck in the bad times. If you want to win your ex back  and  rebuild a relationship you have to rebuild it from the point it started to fall apart.

If you have recently split up with your ex ... and your attempts are  failing in your battle  to win your ex back ... you have to understand one thing. If you keep on doing what you are doing right now, you  will only get what you are getting right now!

So you need to change your tactics. You may be losing the battle but you have not yet lost the war. The following 3 steps in our "Win  your ex back mini course" have been proven conclusively to be highly effective  - they WORK and have done so for many,many thousands of people from over 50  different cultures worldwide! 

They may seem unfair and controversial but - who cares? If they work, they work. After all, "All's fair in love and war."But before you start, it is important that you make sure you are not doing any of the things we  highlight in "you're the enemy" And if you are? ...I would really like you  to stop doing them immediately. They won't work.

But where did it start to fall apart?

Nobody ever woke up in the morning and suddenly decided for no reason at all to "dump

their lover".

No! There was an erosion process. Your ex has been thinking about it for some time

before dumping you. How much time, only your ex will know … it may have been days,

weeks or even years. In any case the decision to end it, I promise you, was made well

before the day you were told, "It's over."

This is also true if your relationship seemed to end after a massive big argument. It takes more than a fight or two to bring down a love affair! It was not the argument that caused the break-up - that was just the "final straw that broke the camel's back" (as they say in England). The real break-up took place some time before.


A break-up is more often than not like tooth decay: a slow, silent erosion that results in extraordinary pain. By the time you feel the pain in the tooth it's too late, the damage has already been done and no amount of brushing and scrubbing or any other method of oral hygiene is going to kill the pain or repair the tooth. A trip to the dentist is inevitable. It's only when the tooth is repaired that you can make that promise to yourself to "clean your teeth twice a day" to stop any more decay.

She came, she left, she was like a freight train passing through my heart.

The roar of the engine! the vibrations! the exhilaration! and now... there's nothing!

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If you keep on doing what you are doing right now, you will only get what you are getting right now! (an ex instead of a lover)

So maybe it’s time to do something else?

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