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People generally want the thing in life that they can't have. And all too often, they treat the things that are readily available to them with a little contempt. It's psychological fact! You don't really have to take my word on this - you only have to take a look at yourself! Would you be prepared to go that extra mile to acquire that thing that you have always dreamed of but never thought you could have? Of course. And how do you look on those things that you can readily have? Would you go that extra mile to acquire a cup of coffee? Probably not, but you might if it was the world's most expensive cup of coffee and it was available to you for free.

If you have given up hope then this is not for you

If you have lost motivation then don't try this

If you are one of those people that think that they can get their ex back by waiting, hoping, wishing or just by thinking about them all of

the time, rather than taking some action then  please pass this by.

But if you are none of the above and you are not to proud to take some expert advice from someone who can help you win your ex back

,and you are prepared to but in some effort then  let's get started.

How to win your ex back

Please note:- If you have recently split up with your ex then this is the next step to follow in your quest to win your ex back. But if you have been apart for some time and no longer see your ex, but still miss them,  then skip this page. Instead, look at how you can apply the "curiosity and self interest" methods to re-establish a rapport with your ex by going to step 3. Then you can formulate that all important game plan that will finaly win back your ex.Just one last reminder:- these steps  have been proven to work ...  follow them,ifyou are having difficuly grasping them or you need more help then download the 7 step action plan.       

So what has this got to do with "how to win back your ex"? Well, if your ex knew that you were readily available for them, there is a possibility that you may be treated with a bit of contempt and trying to win back an ex while being viewed with some contempt will be almost impossible.Your ex's attitude is will more likely be some thing like.. "Well, I can always get back together with [your name] if things don't work out with [someone else]." Do you see how it might be? If your ex knew that you would always be there for them would they want to you back  NOW!… they may start to use you as 'second fiddle'.

So the first rule to win back your ex after being dumped  is "make yourself scarce".

Now I know that this may seem hard to do,and it probably will be, particularly if you are suffering from a broken heart, but if you want to win back your ex this first step is vital. You must resist all temptation to contact him or her for a short while.

Now! - it is not uncommon that after being dumped your ex may contact you with excuses like "I just want to see how you are doing," and they sometimes say things like "But we can still be friends?" but it maybe wise for you to resist from trying to get back together for a short time.Why? Well you have to look at this in reality. They dumped you and now they are concerned about "how you are doing"?

Nuh-uh. What they really mean deep down is: "Just checking to see if you are not doing better than me." And as for "can we still  be friends?" this probably means "Will you still be available if I change my mind?" or "Will you still be around if things don't work out with [whoever]?"

To win back your ex you need to be in control of the situation the best you can.

If however your ex should contact you and make a direct request or suggestion that you should get back together then don't start playing hard to get ..Take it! mission accomplished, and now it's time to Party!

But until then.. remember the first rule. Stop contact until you start to recover from the shock of being dumped.(Do not inform your ex that you are breaking or stopping contact, just quietly make your self scares),download our free ebook which should help you take the "sting out of the tail" of the emotional stress you may be suffering right now. Remember! if you are emotionally stressed due to a lost love then it is more than likely you will not be "thinking straight" so now that you have stopped contact with your ex the next step is to get your "head straight"  Then start to get your self a game plan or strategy to effectively win back your ex.

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