Well! - you may be suffering from a broken heart. It's not really broken - that's just a "metaphor" to describe how it feels when you've just split up with your loved one.

Broken hearts are not usually life-threatening, but they can certainly make life feel like hell! Right?

You don't need us to tell you that having a broken heart is painful and frustrating. So ...

Whether you'd like a few tips on how to write the perfect love letter or expert guidance on how to re-establish a more affectionate rapport with your ex, we feel we can help you to get back your ex.

All our authors have experienced the pain and frustration of lost or rejected love ... and all of them have used the techniques and approaches described in these pages to help answer the heart breaking question of "How to get my ex back?" or to get through the bad times and heal their broken heart?

What all of us here have learnt is that it does help to know you're not alone. And that's really why this site is here for you.








a sad girl a sad boy

Are you experiencing feelings of?

Feeling of denial? Can't sleep? Inability to concentrate?

Attention drifting into the past? Short temper/hostility towards


"I could see him in the sun light; I could feel him in the moon light,I could hear him in the wind, He was all around me, below me, above me,and deep within me. But still; I knew not, where he was."

"My heart sits like a ship imprisoned  on a becalmed sea, no north, no south, no east or west that It can go. O! For the return on my love,  Who like the wind will send it free!

So! What are … are your options?

1. Walk away, if you possibly can, and search for "greener pastures" elsewhere.

2. Dwell in sorrow and remorse and never forget what should have been.

 3. Get back your ex.

Our website is dedicated to people who are seeking good practical advice on how to get back your ex.

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How to get my ex back

So! If there were just three magic words that you could utter that would bring back your ex, would you utter them?
No human heart can know 
how deep its love, how great - 
 until two lovers part and go,
  And then it is too late.
              Daniel Carter

Getting your ex  back with a letter

Methods to get

  your ex back

How to get over  a            break up

Overcoming    Jealousy

Dating tips


"There's nothing wrong with being wrong - that's just human nature. But there is an awfull lot wrong knowing your wrong, then staying wrong just to try and prove  to yourself you are right."
Dr. Susan Carol:author and relationship coach

"Love does not dwindle easily. It is a living, breathing entity that survives and flourishes in the face of all of life's travails, except one -- neglect."

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